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Afraid of Becoming Unrelatable As You Make More Money?

This week was the first week of my 6-Figure Money Mindset Makeover and we looked at uncovering money blocks.

Which means we look in depth at the stories you are telling yourself that are blocking money from coming to you in your business.

One story in particular was very interesting. I’ve found a lot of entrepreneurs actually think this, even though they don’t realize it. 

The thought that came up for a participant in the makeover was that, if she earns too much money, she won't be relatable anymore.

Afraid Of Becoming Unrelatable _ (2)

The thought that came up for a participant in the makeover was that, if she earns too much money, she won't be relatable anymore.

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Written by Jennifer Trask at 09:50

Entrepreneur, Are You Resting?

As an entrepreneur, one of the reasons you likely started your business is for time freedom.

More time to...

  • enjoy your life;
  • be with friends and family;
  • travel the world;
  • volunteer and
  • do the things that you like to do.
Then you get into entrepreneurship and end up working more than you did when you were working for someone else. 


How  Relaxing Is Better For Business ! Blog Images


If this has been your experience, you are not alone. This was definitely my experience. In fact in my earlier years, I was a workaholic.

Not just because I loved it but also because I felt like I had to work all the time in order to get results. 

However, over the years of studying entrepreneurs and human performance I've learned that there is a better way. 

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Written by Jennifer Trask at 12:58

3 Lessons I Learned From My Failed Business

Recently, I shared a story in my Joyous Journey membership about my first failed business. Everybody really found it valuable, so I thought I would share it with you.


3 Lessons I Learned Blog (1)


I lost money. It did not work out well. And you learn a lot when things don't work out.

Here are the three biggest lessons that I learned from my failed business. 


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Written by Jennifer Trask at 15:04

10 Lessons From 10 Years In Business

10 years ago, I started out as a social media consultant and today I primarily focus on helping entrepreneurs build an unstoppable mindset and create a smart strategy.

What’s interesting about reflecting on the last decade is that felt like it took forever in one breathe and like it went in the blink of an eye in another.

Over the last decade...

  • I’ve worked with thousands of entrepreneurs through private coaching, group programs, products and programs, challenges, webinars and more.
  • I've traveled as a digital nomad to South America, Australia, Canada & California
  • I’ve made great decisions and some bad ones.
  • I’ve made money and lost it.
  • I’ve launched programs with success and failed at others. 
  • I’ve had blogs that I thought were stellar, only to get crickets. I’ve had other posts that took off with great surprise! 
  • I’ve gone from being unknown with no experience to winning Toronto’s Best Life Coach as voted by Toronto Star Readers in late 2019 with a decade of experience now.

It’s been quite the ride and in some ways I feel like things are just starting to heat up! 

Overall, I wanted to share with you what I’ve learned over the last decade of building my business and helping may others build theirs.

This list is in no particular order. They all matter and are important to building a successful business from what I’ve personally learned.

I hope that it serves you!

10 Lessons From 10 Years In Business With JEnnifer Trask


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Written by Jennifer Trask at 12:24

It's Time For A Change In Conversation In The Coaching Industry

We have seen a dangerous conversation enter into the coaching industry over the last two years. One that has been dashing dreams quickly and leaving people feeling hopeless that having a truly successful coaching business that can support their dreams and allow them to give their gifts to the world in the way they really want, is not realistic. 

A Call For Coaches With Jennifer Trask

The 'get rich quick' mentality has been infiltrated into the industry with promises of 5-figure months in a flash and a 6-figure income for life within time frames so fast it will have your head spinning. 

Having been working with coaches build businesses for the last 6 years, I've had enough of this conversation and more importantly, I've had enough of seeing too many coaches feel as though they can't make it happen for them because it hasn't happened, 'yet' and it seems as though it has happened for everyone else. 

Well, don't believe everything you see. 

Here is my call out to all the coaches who are ready to shift the conversation in our industry because God knows, it's time for change. 

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Written by Jennifer Trask at 06:09