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Why You Should Never Have A Black Friday Sale As A Coach

Should You Have A Black Friday Sale As A Coach Blog (1)
Every year around this time I get asked if I think coaches should have a black Friday sale.
I always give the same response: 
  • You want to use Bonuses? YES! 
  • Limited Time Specials? FOR SURE! 

But putting your coaching on sale? Ahhhh, NO! 

Why on Earth when it seems like everyone and their dog puts things on sale for Black Friday should you not jump on the band wagon?


It's really easy.


Here's why:

I have a store that I like to buy clothes from. This store has sales on a regular basis.

I have rarely paid full price for anything there and if I see something I really want but it's not on sale yet, I'll usually wait until it is and then order it.

Why? Because I know it's going on sale soon!

Now, this may seem like the obvious reason why you never want to put your coaching on sale - because people will wait until the next sale to buy from you.


But actually, there's a MORE important reason why you don't want to put your coaching on sale!

Would you ever expect to go into a doctors or lawyers office and see a 'sale' on? You're probably nodding your head right to left thinking.... 'ahhh no!', yes?

That's because you don't expect sales from professionals. It would cheapen their brand and make you question their authority (unconsciously you may think... if they need a sale to attract customers, they can't be THAT good, can they?).


Why would you buy professional services from someone who needs to put on a sale? Good question, indeed.

When you put your coaching on sale it automatically diminishes the value of it in the eyes of buyer.

And the things is, most coaches are already under priced (but that's a topic for another day).

That's exactly why I personally believe and teach to never put your coaching on sale.


Here's something even more fun...

When you're consistently marketing yourself right, you don't even need to think about having a sale! 

Sales are coming to you.

This to me is WAY BETTER than Black Friday!

To help you ensure that next year you don't even think about a sale and you have sales coming to you regularly, I put together a Free 2022 Planning Day Toolkit!

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In it you'll discover my planning process that I bring my clients and Joyous Journey members through.

I even filmed a mini-training to take you through it more in depth so that you can take action and find a plan that works for you.

No more Black Friday sales (or even thoughts of it) for you my friend!

Get the 2022 Planning Toolkit now and get ready to create an effective marketing plan that gets you fully booked next year!


 Jennifer Trask - First


P.S. Don't want to plan your year alone? No problem, we've got that covered too! 

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Written by Jennifer Trask at 05:20

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