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Afraid of Becoming Unrelatable As You Make More Money?

Afraid Of Becoming Unrelatable _ (2)

This week was the first week of my 6-Figure Money Mindset Makeover and we looked at uncovering money blocks.

Which means we look in depth at the stories you are telling yourself that are blocking money from coming to you in your business

One story in particular was very interesting. I’ve found a lot of entrepreneurs actually think this, even though they don’t realize it. 

The thought that came up for a participant in the makeover was that, if she earns too much money, she won't be relatable anymore.

This person is a charismatic and kind people person, so connection really matters to her.

She values building new connections and it's a big part of her identity.

As human beings we will always live out from our identity (the way in which they see ourselves).

So if you see yourself as a relatable person and deep down you have a belief that if you make too much money, you won't be relatable anymore. Guess what's going to happen?

You're not going to make too much money, because it goes against who you are at your core - a relatable person!

How I helped this individual was by asking her ‘How do you relate to people?’. Her answer was ‘I usually try to figure out what our connection points are. For example where we've both traveled, what movies we’ve seen or any other common connection points. 

My response was ‘Well that's wonderful, do you need money for that?’. Of course the answer is, no.

It helped her realize that connection with others doesn't have anything to do with the money in your bank account. There are so many ways to connect with people no matter where they are in their life. 

The other important piece to this is to realize that money doesn't change you. 

Money is a magnifier of who you are.

For example if you're a giving person and you make more money, you'll just have more money to give. 

If money does happens to change you, that is your choice for it to change you. However it's not because getting more money (which is paper, coins or numbers on a screen), immediately changes you.

I want you to realize that you can be relatable AND you can have money.

Remember that the more money you make in your business means that you've grown your business, which means that you've grown. 

Which in turn means you're wiser, more educated and understanding. 

Owning a business requires so much energy, responsibility and an understanding of people. 

Which means you actually become more relatable as you grow because you've been through more challenges. 

If you've gotten this far in life, whatever you've ever connected with someone on already, before you become a 6-figure earner or millionaire, you can still use those connection points later on. They don't go away because your bank account grew. It’s still your life experience.


So let's sum up: 

1. Money is a magnifier of who you really are. It’s not going to change you, unless you choose to let it. 

2. The more experience you get in life (and you get lots of experience when you're growing a business, right?) you just have more points to be relatable on.

3. The earlier part of your journey never leaves you. Those connection points are still yours. 

Feel safe enough to go for your dreams because it's not going to take away something that's important to you, like being able to relate to other people. 

Give yourself permission to go forward without feeling the fear of losing something that's a part of who you are. 

The world needs what you have. So please don't deprive us of it. ;) 

Leave a comment and let me know if you've ever felt this way and what you did to help yourself move through it. 

 Jennifer Trask - First



Written by Jennifer Trask at 09:50

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