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Two things to help you raise your prices and step into your worth!

Leesa was working with clients who were no longer a fit for her but she didn’t know what to do because she hadn’t yet built up her passive income and needed to support herself and her family. 

She kept attracting that same client and was getting frustrated. 

"I can’t keep doing what I’m doing or I’m going to keep getting what I’m getting.”

“I’m working too many hours. I’m not making nearly as much money as I should be… so what do I do?”

She knew there was something beyond where she was but she didn’t know how to get there. 

Over the last year of working together, Leesa raised her prices 3 times! In this interview you'll discover the two things that really helped her do that so you can implement her simple strategies! 

Leesa Klich Testimonial With Mindset Coach Jennifer Trask

Leesa also tells us how she stop over analyzing everything and now makes decisions faster.

She also shares with you, the one question for you to ask yourself every time you make a decision about your marketing or strategy. 

This interview is jam packed with nuggets to help you get to the next level in your business! 

Leave a comment with your biggest takeaway. 

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Written by Jennifer Trask at 10:39

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