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Why You Want To Fail More As An Entrepreneur

The word failure is often felt like a dagger to the heart for entrepreneurs. The last thing they want is to fail. 

But recently I tried an experiment in my online community, The Joyous Journey. I decided to see what would have if we starting celebrating failure more often. 

This idea was sparked by a recent failure I had. A marketing campaign that I did, did not result even close to what I thought it would. And this isn't the first time that has happened to me. 

However, the clarity that I received from that 'failure' was immense and SO helpful! 

Why Entrepreneuers Need To Be Failing More Often If They Want To Succeed

Then, I thought about an interview I saw with Sara Blakely, self made billionaire founder of Spanx. 

When she was young her father would sit around the dinner table asking her and her brother what they failed at that week. If they didn't have an answer, he'd be dissappointed. 

What her smart father was doing was redefining failure for them. Focusing on the fact that not trying something was failure versus an outcome. Brilliant. 

There's so much value in failure and the freedom that comes with not being afraid of it. 

Check out why you should be failing more as an entrepreneur and what happened as a result of the experiment that is now a staple in our Joyous Journey community! 


Leave a comment with what you'll be trying because you are no longer afraid to fail! I want to cheer you on!! 

Happy failing (and succeeding)!

Jennifer Trask - First


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