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What to look at in your business when sales are down

If you're going through a period of time where sales are just not where you want them to be, there's one thing you can look at to know how to make immediate change. 

This is also useful if you find yourself in a place where you have roller coaster sales. 

Meaning, you have sales, you serve your clients and then there are none (or little), so you market again, get clients, fulfill client needs and then, have to start the cycle over again. 

What To Look At In Your Business When Sales Are Down With Business Coach Jennifer Trask

If you want to stop the roller coaster and have consistent clients this is the one thing you can look at to make the change. 

Best of all, it's a simple solution, you just need to commit to making it happen. 

After you watch today's video leave a comment and let me know if this has happened to you and what you will do to turn it around. 

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Happy Selling!! 

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