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Can Working Harder Be Working Against You?

If you are an entrepreneur in today's society you are prone to feeling guilty if you aren't hustling your life away everyday to grow your business (it can be like having a serious hangover)!

The messages are everywhere... 

You've got to hustle...

You've got to work hard...

You've got to stay up until 2am... 

You've got to get up 5am...

Oh yes... basically make your life miserable and full of work until you burn yourself out and one day... just one day... it will all be worth it! 

Yes, your dreams will be realized and you'll have boat loads of money, fame and awesomeness. 


If I hustle my life away to get to some financial goal my world will all the sudden be awesome... 'then'? 

First up - when is then? 

And what about now? 

I don't buy it. 

And neither should you. 

--->Life is meant to be enjoyed, thank you very much. 

And while I AM a HUGE believer, practicer of and preacher of having a GREAT work ethic (oh yes, you don't get what you really want by sitting and meditating all day... but wouldn't that be fun?), you DO have to work..

but you don't...

I repeat...

you don't have to work your life away, burn yourself out and basically start hating your business and your life (this has happened to me and to some of my clients. But don't worry we were able to turn it around. There is hope!) 

That's why I put together this video to show you via a handy chart that working harder actually works against you. 

Unless of course you are like Gary V, who is in love with hustling and it literally FUELS you. That's different. If that's your thing, all power to you. Hustle your life away in all the glee that you can gain from it. 

After all, life is to be enjoyed. 

But if you are like the rest of us mere mortals and would like to have a little more balance, enjoying your life while you are having a GREAT work ethic (because we DO believe in working and of course, working smarter not harder), then this is for you! 

After watching the video be sure to leave a comment and let me know if you're up for not hustling your life away too! 


Here's to working smart and enjoying it (amen), 

Jennifer Trask - First



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Written by Jennifer Trask at 11:15

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