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What To Do When People Can't Afford You But You Want To Help Them

As coaches, healers or anyone in a service profession it is a reality we face everyday that there are people we can help and want to help who just can't afford us. 

What do you do when your moral compass keeps you up at night because you want to be of service but you've got to pay the bills?

This was a question I received from Lisa, a member of our Change Your Story, Change Your Results Immersion Experience.

Lisa asked: "How do you keep from giving away too much work because some people simply can't afford one on one coaching? We are helpers at the roots of our businesses."

What To Do When People Can Not Afford Your Services But You Want To Help . With Mindset Coach For Entrepreneurs Jennifer Trask

I hear you Lisa and the good news is there are four things you can do! 

I hope this helps you on your quest to help as many people as you can whether or not they can afford your private services. 



Leave a comment and let me know if there is something you would do I didn't mention. Will you try one of these? Let us know! 

Happy Coaching, 

Jennifer Trask - First


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