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Manifest What You Really Want In Your Business By Understanding This One Distinction

If you've been wanting something in your business for a while now and it still hasn't come to you it could be because you are wanting it more than you are expecting it. 

I know it sounds like they are the same thing - but in actuality they are VERY different! 

And understanding the distinction between these two energies is critical to your ability to receive what you really want. 

Wanting VS Expecting How To Manifest What You Want - Not What You Don 't Want ! With Business & Mindset Coach For Entrepreneurs Jennifer Trask

Too often, I see and hear so many entrepreneurs struggling with this because they are looking at 'what is' in the current reality more than looking where they want to go (I've done it too, so I feel you!) 

Luckily, when you understand how to make the switch from wanting to expecting, it becomes MUCH easier! 

Listen in and then leave a comment on what you will shift from wanting to expecting so that you can manifest what you truly desire! 



Move into the expectant energy more easily with

3 Ways To Get Into Flow! 



Happy manifesting! 

Jennifer Trask - First


Written by Jennifer Trask at 08:36

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