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It's Time For A Change In Conversation In The Coaching Industry

We have seen a dangerous conversation enter into the coaching industry over the last two years. One that has been dashing dreams quickly and leaving people feeling hopeless that having a truly successful coaching business that can support their dreams and allow them to give their gifts to the world in the way they really want, is not realistic. 

A Call For Coaches With Jennifer Trask

The 'get rich quick' mentality has been infiltrated into the industry with promises of 5-figure months in a flash and a 6-figure income for life within time frames so fast it will have your head spinning. 

Having been working with coaches build businesses for the last 6 years, I've had enough of this conversation and more importantly, I've had enough of seeing too many coaches feel as though they can't make it happen for them because it hasn't happened, 'yet' and therefore there must be something wrong with them because it seems as though it has happened for everyone else by now. 

Well, don't believe everything you see. 

Here is my call out to all the coaches who are ready to shift the conversation in our industry because God knows, it's time for change. 


I would love to hear your thoughts on this so please do leave a comment. 

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To your success, 

Jennifer Trask - First


P.S. Do you know a coach who should hear this message? If so, please do share it with them. Let's get this change moving! 

Written by Jennifer Trask at 06:09

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