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Why Entrepreneurs Don't Do What They Know They Need To Do

You've likely been there. You have big plans to get things done. You're going to make that blog post, email your list, do the webinar, create the sales page and launch that course!

Then it happens... 

  • you get lost in Facebookland
  • you do the laundry
  • your dog needs to go out
  • you declutter your inbox
  • you take another course
  • you look at what your competitors are doing...

.... basically you do everything else other than the one thing you need to do to move your business forward. 

Why does this happen to us? 

Why Entrepreneurs Don 't Do What They Know They Need To Do With Jennifer Trask

It's more common than you may realize and there IS an answer. 

If you find yourself never really getting ahead, today's video is for you! 

You'll learn the three main reasons why we do this to ourselves even though this behaviour keeps us from the the results we dream of. 

After watching, be sure to comment and share which of the three apply to you. 



To getting things done and making a difference, 

Jennifer Trask - First



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Written by Jennifer Trask at 12:02

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