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Entrepreneurs, Amy Schumer’s, I Feel Pretty Is Not Just For Women, It's For Us Too

Over the weekend I went to see Amy Schumer’s latest movie, I Feel Pretty.  

The premise of the movie is that Schumer’s character, Renee, is a 30-something woman who has an okay job for a high end make up company, Lily Le Claire. She works out of a dingy basement office with a colleague instead of in the beautiful glass-walled offices with everyone else.  She struggles with self esteem, being seen, speaking up for herself and she is single.  

One day she goes to a Soul Cycle class and ends up falling off the bike as the class begins and hits her head. When she wakes up something has happened. She begins to see herself differently. All of the sudden she is the beautiful, worthy, capable, popular and the most awesome version of herself. 

Essentially, Renee is now confident in who she is. 

And that's what changes everything. 

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The movie follows a chain of events that happens as a result of her new found confidence and the decisions and actions she takes a result of ‘being’ this new person. 

Renee ends up dating a man who she asks out, getting the promotion she wanted and speaking up in business meetings about a new line of products for the everyday woman which then leads to more opportunities (see the movie for full awesomeness of how this unfolds). 

The old Renee would have never taken these actions and thus never had the opportunities open up to her as they do in the movie.  

This is enough to know about the story to get the premise of why this movie is SPOT ON for entrepreneurs. 

Too often we don’t think that we are good enough to get what we really want in business.

We think things like…

  • Who am I to ask for this price? 
  • Once I get more training I’ll be ready…
  • Why would they want to interview me? 
  • I’ve only done [X], I’m not good enough for [Y]…
  • There’s no way they would choose me, I haven’t even [Z] yet…
  • I’m not good enough to speak on that stage, I’ve only made $X in my business… she’s made way more! 

The list could go on and on but the point is, we all have stories that we tell our selves that hold us back from what we really want. 

This leads us to INACTION. 

Because of a lack of confidence and not feeling good enough we don't... 

  • ask for the sale
  • ask for the gig
  • ask for the price we want
  • do that video
  • promote the sh*t out of our awesome content
  • implement the things we know we need to do (or do about 10% of it)

The worst part about this is that that inaction stems from lies we are telling ourselves everyday. Stories have no truth nor basis for repeating in our lives. Often times they are stories from other people’s judgements or thoughts about us.

They come from us comparing ourselves to others lives that we see on social media or that we ‘think’ we know… but in reality, we have no idea. 

They may even come from a subconscious belief that we should look, be or do a certain thing a certain way before we can be deemed successful and worthy of what we want. 

The truth is, the way you get the business you want is that you have to BECOME that person who can have it. 

Just like Renee became the girl who could get the guy, the job, share her opinions, etc. because she believed she was worthy of those things. 

Nothing changed about her. 

She didn’t lose weight. 

She didn’t get more education. 

She didn’t get a whole new wardrobe. 

She didn’t have a larger bank account. 

She didn't get new friends... 


The only thing that changed was how she saw herself.  

And that is what began a chain of events that changed her life for the better. 


This can and will happen to you when you begin to shift your identity to the successful version of yourself. 

You don’t need another marketing strategy or another certification or more sales. You are worthy and good enough, NOW. 

You are the one who has to see it, own it and live it.  

When you see that version of yourself, you will make different decisions. Those new decisions will lead to different action and that different action will yield you different results.

Better results.

The results you want NOW but that you aren’t getting because of the stories you are telling and believing about yourself. 


This is why I always remind my clients the real work is the inner work.

Until you shift your identity to the person who can run the company you really want, it doesn’t matter how many courses you take or marketing strategies you learn, you’ll never get the results you really want because you haven’t made peace with the fact that you are the one who can get them and who deserves them. 

Most of my clients are entrepreneurs who have a lot of marketing knowledge but it's just not working for them. But it's not that the marketing doesn't work, it does. It's that they aren't ready for the results so the results don't come. 

So, what do you do you now? 

First, go see I Feel Pretty and support this great work so hopefully she’ll do more! 

Second, be sure to the cheatsheet Activate Your Awesomeness. You'll learn how to gain confidence and courage to get out of your own way and mkae your dreams a reality - woo hoo! 


You are worthy. 

You are ready. 

You do deserve it. 

You are that good. 

And yes, you are pretty, too! 


Go get em!! 

Jennifer Trask - First


Written by Jennifer Trask at 06:58

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Jennifer Trask

Thanks Jason Gracia. I'm very passionate about this topic as it is game changing when you not only get it logically, but it sinks into your being and you begin to embody it!

Jason Gracia


Love how you used the film as a springboard for one of the most pressing problems facing coaches as well as all entrepreneurs (and human beings!). Excellent post.

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