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The Get Profitable Now Experiment For Coaches & Healers

On this morning's 5 Minute Monday Motivator live on Periscope I gave everyone a challenge to join an experiment for the week. This experiment is for you to do something a little differently than normal so that you can get what you want faster (aka make more money in your business). 

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This is the scope from this morning (I took out the first couple of minutes of chat time). :)  

Here is the basis of the experiment. 

The moment you desire something in your life (and in this case we are talking about your profitable coaching business), you energetically become it. Meaning, the larger part of you is there. Now your job is to close the gap so that the physical manfestation can come to life. We do that by feeling our way to success. 

The hard part for most coaches is actually feeling like a success before they have the clients, success stories and money to show for it (or even the amount that they 'think' will make them feel successful). Can you relate?

This is where I want you to experiment with me. For this week, I challenge you to go to work each day as if you are already successful. As if you have a full practice, you're making the money and the difference you want to make and all is right and completely awesome in your world. 

How would you behave if this was true? Would it be different from how you behave each day now?

When acting from this state, who would you be as you... 

  • talk to prospective clients;
  • write and share your blog posts;
  • do your Periscope's;
  • price your programs
  • ask for the sale;
  • make new programs;
  • etc. 

You can choose to have the confidence you would have in 3 years time (or any time), today! Even if you don't fully believe me, just experiment with me. Try it on for size for one full week. That's all I ask. The worst that can happen is you stay where you are. The best that can happen is that you move forward in your business faster than you would by regularly doing what you are doing. 

I think it's a safe bet. 

Here are a couple of things to help you 'get in the mood' while doing this experiement. 

  1. Think about how you want to FEEL. Leave the vision and specifics out of it. Just think about how it would feel to have the success you really want. Focus on feeling those things now. 
  2. Make lists of what you have accomplished...Look how far you have already come. You ARE awesome! 
  3. Find one or two favourite songs that make you feel amazing. Listen to them as much as you need. I Lived is one of my favourites!

Lastly, come on over to the Live Your #AWESOMENESS Facebook Group for coaches and healers and join a deeper conversation on this topic and more to help you grow your business and be the catalyst for change you came to be. 

Happy Manifesting!! 

Live Your Awesomeness, 

Jennifer Trask - First


P.S. Make sure you follow me on Periscope @jennifertrask I scope twice weekly (each Monday for 5 minutes of motivation) and Thursday's for a weekly review of the most important theme that came from coaching coaches around the world in my coaching business. 

Written by Jennifer Trask at 07:15

User Comments

Jennifer Trask

YAY Nathalie!! You will see amazing things with it. Isn't it just fabulous?!!? I love that song!

Nathalie Norris

Love the challenge!! Can't wait to try it out, and my GOSH do I ever love this song, too! Had to listen to it right away <3

Thanks for your light!

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