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Coaches, ensure this is not in your ideal client avatar description!

There is something I noticed recently in the language of some newer coaches that I wanted to address here because if you are using this language, then you are doing yourself a huge disservice in your efforts to get more clients. 

When you are talking about your ideal client, always ensure that you add into the description that this person can afford youor better yet, she can easily afford you. Often times I see or hear coaches describe the thing that holds their clients back from getting help as being a financial problem…

  • She can’t afford it… 
  • Money is tight… Coaches , Ensure This Is Not In Your Ideal Client Avatar Description With Jennifer Trask
  • She’s hesitant about investing in herself. 
  • etc.


Now, I know that for some people it actually is financial and that is OK, they are not your ideal client.

For the ones that are your ideal client, it is never about the money. They have the money.  

That’s worth repeating… For the ones that are your ideal client, it is never about the money. They have the money. 


— Note: If they don't have the money,

then they aren't your ideal client. —


Sometimes they might be using the money in different ways, but they have it. Ex: the Latte Factor. Often times we have more money then we realize, we are just not prioritizing where it goes. Your ideal client can afford you if perhaps she rearranged how she spent her money for a while. We all make choices with our money everyday and that is showing the world where our true priorities lie. 

If you have to convince people that they can afford you, then either they really can’t or they aren’t your ideal client. Either way, that’s not your business. Your business is to help the people who can afford you. (*note, this is a great reason to create some less expensive products so that those who can't afford you right now, can purchase to still get your help, but work their way up to 1-on-1).

If you find yourself telling some kind of version of this story, please STOP immediately and take heed. In telling this story to yourself you are bringing about more people who can’t afford you which continues to tell you that your story is true. It isn’t. 

Coaching is a multi-billion dollar industry. In fact, within each niche (spiritual, nutrition, exercise, life, relationships, etc.), there are multi-billion dollar industries. Money is NOT the problem. 

The problem is the story that you are telling yourself which is usually linked to a bigger story about you holding on to the ‘old you’ and stepping into the ‘new you’ (that is, the successful coach you want to be). And if part of that story is because you are a young coach (in age or expeirence), then I want you to read this post next (after you comment on this one first, of course!) ;) 

In the mean time, your work is to notice if you are using this language. If you are, stop yourself and make yourself a new client avatar. Your ideal client CAN afford you. There is a lot of money in the world, more being printed everyday. Remember that. Money is not the problem. It’s the ‘ideal client’ you have made in your head and the best part is YOU have the power to change all of it. 

Now, I want to hear from you: Have you been telling yourself that story? Are you going to change your ideal client avatar? 

I can’t wait to hear what you have to say! 

Happy Coaching, 

Jennifer Trask - First


P.S. I create a fantastic free video series to help you step into a more abundant mindset which will help you attract more ideal clients who can afford you (woo hoo)! Grab it here: 

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Written by Jennifer Trask at 08:33

User Comments

Jennifer Trask

Dominique, fantastic!! I'm so glad it was helpful!

This is so important for people to realize and shifting it can do wonders for your business!! Good luck :)

Dominique Hurley

Great timing Jennifer - I'm just going through the Ideal Customer Avatar exercise as part of B-School right now. I know a lot of people love my energy paintings, but can't afford them. You're right - they're not my ideal client and I need to stop targeting my marketing at them - and instead keep offering them all the love, beauty, art & inspiration I already incorporate on my blog/website and target my marketing at my ICA. That customer values the benefits of my healing empowering art and chooses to bring it into their lives. As I said, perfect timing!

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