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7 Simple Marketing Strategies For Self-Help Coaches On A Small Budget

Are you on a budget with your marketing? No problem. You don’t need oodles of money to be successful in marketing. You just need to be specific and focused. 

Here are 7 simple (but awesome) marketing strategies for self-help coaches on small budgets: 


Marketing Strategy 1 - Offline Networking

For some reason this one tends to get forgotten but networking in person is powerful. Building relationships face to face works. You can actually hear what someone has to say in real time and connect with them on a deeper level. When you network, be present and open.

In fact, if you are new to networking or need some help here are 2 great blog posts for you to see:

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Networking is one of the three tactics I used to build my business in the beginning. It works.  


Marketing Strategy 2 - Online Networking (Yes, Social Media!)

It’s amazing what can happen when you purposefully engage online. Take the time (0.5 - 1 hour/day) to network online. Comment, share, ask questions and answer them on your favourite social networks. Connect with like minded individuals, your prospects and influencers. Add value to them by helping them and getting to know them. This strategy works and it is 100% free! 

Remember that as you get to know someone and the timing feels right, suggest to take it to a Skype call or meet in person if they are in your area. 

 Marketing -Strategy

Marketing Strategy 3 - Ask For Referrals

This one might seem like ‘duh’! BUT have you done it lately? It is funny how often we forget to ask the very people who can recommend us the best - our clients! Ask your happy and satisfied clients for referrals. 


Marketing Strategy 4 - Exceptional Customer Service

This one is so important and often overlooked. As mentioned in #3 nobody knows how valuable your work is more than your happy clients. So always ensure you over-deliver value to them. When you make them happy, they can’t help but gush about you to others… especially to those who are in similar shoes to them and need your help. They will be so excited to refer you, business becomes easy!


Marketing Strategy 5 - Use Testimonials & Case Studies 

Always use great testimonials from your clients and when you can, do case studies on them. Allow them to tell their story of how they went from their big problem to the big solution with you. It will not only inspire others to take action on their lives but it shows that you are the catalyst for change and allow prospects to get a better idea of how you can help them create results. 


Marketing Strategy 6 - Parnter Up 

It’s easy to get more clients when you are referred by someone they already trust. So go out there and partner up with someone who offers a complimentary service to you. If you are a health coach, offer to give a teleseminar or lunch and learn for a personal trainer’s clients. Keep it simple and have fun. You are getting in front of ideal clients with the recommendation of someone they trust. It’s the perfect combination for creating the ‘know, like, trust’ factor quickly and with people who are more likely ready to buy. 

For more details check out this previous post on this idea.


Marketing Strategy 7 - Ask For The Business

It is a simple solution, yet a lot of self-help coaches are afraid to ask for the sale. Just ask for the business. Ask your prospect, ‘Which package feels best to you?” or “ When would you like to get started, this week or next?”

It is having the courage to ask for the business that will help you close a lot more sales. 


That’s it! 7 Simple marketing strategies for self-help coaches on a small budget. What will you implement? Is there another one that you use that isn’t mentioned? Let us know. We would love to hear from you! 


Happy Marketing (and selling!), 

 Jennifer Trask - First


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Written by Jennifer Trask at 09:05

User Comments

Jennifer Trask

Ahhhh... I miss networking with you! Thank goodness we have Skype! :)

Lisa L. Payne

Great tips, Jennifer. You know I love marketing and helping others do it, but it is easy to get caught up in the social aspect of it and forget that the real purpose is to grow your business! Thanks for the reminder. PS - I love that you are doing what you are doing from where you are in the world but I really miss networking with you!!! <3

Jennifer Trask

Laura! haha.. thank you for your input and idea! I will put that one on the list! :) Keep me posted on how these marketing tactics are working for you. I can't wait to hear :)

Dr. Nurse

Excellent post Jennifer. I'll be referring back to it in the days to come for sure to make sure I am being focused in my efforts. Thanks for everything that you do. ... I just had a thought for a future post - "7 No Fail Conversation Starters at Networking Events" ... I hate being reduced to talking about the weather! lol.

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