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Do you cringe when asking for what you are worth from clients?

As a coach, you want to help people on their journey to happiness, success and fulfillment. But, when the time comes to talk about money, do you cringe, get nervous and wish someone else could take care of it (maybe the money fairies would bring you money while you sleep instead of having to take it from your clients)? 

If this sounds familiar, first know you are not alone; a lot of coaches feel this way. However, this feeling is creating a huge block in your success. Therefore, it’s time to dive in to this and really look at why you feel this way and how to change it. 


Why Does Money Get Such A Bad Rap? 

I began to really learn and dive into wealth principles over the last few years because I knew my money mindset was an important key to helping me fulfill my mission of helping 1 million people live their passions. For the same reason why most lottery winners end up broke, most coaches reach a threshold in their earnings because they get stuck in the money struggle. 

In our society, most people have a love/hate relationship with money. Generally, people want more of it, yet secretly curse people who have a lot of it and think they are greedy. Uh oh. We have a little bit of a dilemma here. 

Why do we think so terribly about money? It is just paper (or plastic) and coins. Before actual money came along it was gold, chickens or cacao beans. It is just stuff. So why then do we have such a charge of emotions around it? 

Money is not the problem, it is the meaning we attach to it, that is the problem. 

Therefore, the solution is fixing the meaning we give it. 


Why Do We Feel So Icky About Charging?

We know that everything is energy and in the space of consciousness, we are all one. Therefore, whatever happens to one, happens to all. We live in a universe where there is abundance everywhere. Take a look around you and just look at the abundance. Nature is our purest, easiest example. It just keeps giving and giving and is full of more. There is no lack. The universe is constantly expanding to our desires. 

Therefore, as we live in an abundant universe where there is no lack and abundance expands to desires, there is more than enough money. For those who need more ‘concrete evidence’, money is made and printed everyday. There is no lack of money in the world. 

So, if you want more money, how come you aren’t getting more of your ‘fair share’?

Money is energetic and it won’t go where it is not appreciated and loved. Even if you end up with a lot of it, you will find a way to get rid of it if you don’t really feel worthy of it and give it the love and appreciate it deserves (just like most lottery winners). It is the same if you are dating someone whom you feel is ‘out of your league’. You will constantly feel self-conscious and eventually you will self-sabotage the relationship or the other person will leave because your feelings of inadequacy will overwhelm the relationship and the other partner won’t feel equal and fulfilled. 


How To Feel Excited About Charging What You Are Worth & Get It 

The first step in moving beyond feeling icky about charging and attracting more money is to make peace with money. Money is just an energy exchange. It is not coming from your client, it is actually coming from you, but through your client.

Your current reality is a direct reflection of your current consciousness. It is why two people can go through the same physical event but have a different experience of it. 

Let’s go back to dating for a quick example. There are two women who are dating their boyfriends for three years respectively. Both are in happy and fulfilling relationships and expect to get married. On the same day, both boyfriends decide that they want to move on and end their relationships with these two women. 

Here is how the consciousness of each individual woman will affect their experience of the same event: 

Woman A becomes a frantic mess and goes into the whole drama of, ‘Why me?’, ‘We were supposed to live our lives together and get married and have kids, etc.’. 

You know this woman. She will spend the next 6 months complaining about him to her girlfriends and feeling desperately unhappy in her daily pity party. 

Woman B on the other hand is sad for a little while but then decides that life is short and she had a great 3 years, learned a lot and is now ready for a new phase of life. Perhaps it is time to move to that new city she has always wanted to live in. Off she goes on a new adventure and is now in her new city heaven, having fresh experiences, meeting awesome people and loving her life.

Both of these women have had the same event happen to them but experienced the event very differently and therefore created a different outcome in their respective lives. 

This same principle applies to money. 

If you don’t shift your consciousness, which is really just the collection of your beliefs, around money, you’ll keep hitting thresholds in your income. Even if you make more, you’ll end up spending more and never having enough. 


Here are 5 things you can do to stop feeling guilty about asking for what you are worth: 

1. Accept that we live in an abundant universe and that there is more than enough. When you really believe and understand this principle then you know that you are never taking from someone. Your consciousness is expanding and coming through your clients.

2. When you charge what you are worth you are actually helping expand the consciousness of your clients. Even if it was a stretch for them to hire you, you are giving them the opportunity to grow and expand themselves. People always get what they really want and if coaching with you is something they really want, they will find a way. This is you giving them the gift of expanding themselves to reach a new level. What an amazing gift to give someone! 

3. Remember that as you stand in your truth and charge what you are really worth, you unconsciously give others permission to do the same. You are actually helping them stand in their worth.

Our Deepest Fear - J-T.jpg .jpg

When you live your best life, you are a living breathing example for others that they too, can do the same. It’s why I love Marianne Williamson's quote, ‘Our Deepest Fear’.

4. Begin the appreciation process. In a previous blog post, Stop The Money Struggle, Discover 2 Powerful Shifts You Must Make To Attract More Money Into Your Business,  I go deeper into this topic. If you haven’t watched it yet, go watch it  and start the practice of really appreciating what you already have. Remember, what you appreciate, appreciates. 

5. Embrace that you are doing great things in the world and deserve to be paid well for that. The work of self-help coaches is some of the worlds most important work. You are helping people change their lives for the better, step into their truth and live their best life. This is important work. You are worthy. You are amazing. Embrace that, love that, get excited by that. You deserve to be paid what you are worth. You are making a positive difference in the world. You deserve to be abundant and have a life you love. 

Lastly, start your journey to making shifts around money by picking up the handout, ‘Mastering Your Money Mindset’ at the end of this post. It’s pretty powerful and will help you move towards making peace with asking for money. 

Now, we want to know: What concept is one you know you need to shift? What are you going to do about it? Let us know in the comments below. 

If you resonated with this post, then you probably know others that need this message, too. Share the love in your favourite social networks or email it to a friend. They will be thankful you did (and so will I)!

You’re amazing. 

Now go make more money! :) 

To your unlimited abundance, 

Jennifer Trask - First


P.S. Here is your money mindset handout: 

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