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Are Your Disguising Yourself In Your Marketing?

What do Lady Gaga, Martin Luther King, Jesus, Steve Jobs, Michael Jordan and J.K. Rowling all have in common? 

This is quite the group of eclectic people, yet they do have a commonality other than being super successful in their respective fields. It is a common thread that helped them all become celebrated. Their thread…. themselves. 

Have you ever noticed that people love to cheer for the under-dogs and the outcasts?

 The Magic Of Marketing Episode 21 With Jennifer Trask Are You Disguising Yourself In Your Marketing - Blog Post

You may think that that is because they have so much going against them. While that may be part of the reason, personally, I think it has a lot more to do with a subtlety that is very much present, but often times underrated. 

It is the authentic nature of the under-dog and the outcast that we love so much. That they are putting themselves out there 100% and deciding that no matter what anyone else thinks, they are worthy of their quest. 

I believe we all feel a sense of hope and connection to that person because we too, want others to accept us for who we are. To celebrate and bring light to this most amazing quality, today’s Magic of Marketing is all about taking any disguises out of your marketing. Now, I’m not talking about the fun ones, like my totally kick-butt Avengers Black Widow Costume (what do you think btw….?). No, I’m talking about something a little more personal. 

So check out this week’s episode of the Magic of Marketing to see where you are in your marketing and if you need to make some shifts so that you grow your business faster than you thought and get even better results! 

Happy Spooktacular marketing, 

 Jennifer Trask - First


P.S. Did you ever realize you have to add in a sprinkle of yourself into your marketing? Or maybe a whole cup full? 

Have you already done this and seen a big shift? Let us know in the comments below! 

Written by Jennifer Trask at 07:14

User Comments

Jennifer Trask

haha... she is hiding in there! I don't think many caught her :)

Lisa L. Payne

Transparency is key and I believe that letting my clients know about my personal journey is beneficial because they see me as being human, just a little farther down along the journey with some wisdom to pass along. This is how I am with everyone, not just my clients, and I am glad that you suggested that it become part of my marketing strategy.Thank you! PS - Black Widow... likey, likey... lol

Jennifer Trask

Jackie! You certainly are a great example of how this principle works. It's been amazing watch everything unfold (and continue to) as you walk down the path of showing your true self. I'm so grateful to be able to walk beside you on this most awesome journey. xo

Jackie McCann-Scott

Awesome post, Jennifer!! Naming my financial planning business Invested Mama was my way of being true to myself. Once you commit to being who you are, people you want to work with are attracted to you and life just feels better. I AM a believer!! Thanks for being you :)

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