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How To Get Over The “Manifesting Hump”: An Interview With A Modern Day Shaman

Are you on your way to a goal? Have you been doing your affirmations, visualizations and focusing yet nothing seems to be showing up as a physical manifestation of what you really want? 

This is a common occurrence for many self-help coaches during the time that I like to call the ‘manifesting hump’. The manifesting hump is that time when you have worked long and hard but you haven’t gone over the hump to exponential growth or results… yet.

It’s about the same time a lot of people start to give up and move on to something else yet if only they had stayed a little longer, they just might have saw the fruits of their labour. 

So, what do you do when you are in the manifesting hump? 

The Magic Of Marketing Episode 18, How To Get Over The Manifesting Hump With Modern Day Shaman , Regina Wright & Jennifer Trask

After having a conversation with my Modern Day Shaman, Regina M. Wright, on this very topic, I asked her to share her wisdom with you on The Magic of Marketing. Regina will give you some key things to look out for that will enable you to know that yes, you are on the right track, even though what you are really after hasn’t shown up yet. 

It can be a tough road sometimes when we have big dreams that take time. But a little bit of patience, trust and time will allow everything to unfold in it’s perfect timing because everything is always working out for you. 

(Side note: Under the video, we have a downloadable sheet for you so you can soak up all of the knowledge and have everything you need to get you closer to your dreams! yay!)



Happy Manifesting! 

Jennifer (& Regina)

P.S. Share your manifesting stories in the comments below. What works for you? 

Written by Jennifer Trask, Regina M. Wright at 08:33

User Comments

Jennifer Trask

Lisa, that cracked me up! Lucky for us to have attracted you as well :)

Lisa L. Payne

Interesting point to consider your progress around who you are attracting, how you are responding, what patterns you've transformed. That makes a lot of sense to me. Thanks Jennifer and Regina. You are both so beautiful. I am grateful to have attracted you both into my life. Progress!!! Ha! <3

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