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4 Steps To Master Your Inbox To Have Less Stress & More Time

Have you ever looked at your inbox and felt hopeless and overwhelmed? 

I have felt that way, too. I couldn't figure out how such an easy tool was taking up so much of my time. 

In the pursuit of not wanting to feel that way myself, I set out to discover how I can manage my time more effectively on this very topic. As I uncovered the right information I realized that it is of course, small shifts that make a big difference when it comes to not feeling burdened by my own inbox. 

Now, I want to share these tips with you so that you too, can feel less stress and have more time in your business - woo hoo! 

You will see that there is a handout that will help you take it 1 step further to ensure that you put these into practice so they become habit which is when true transformation happens! 

Enjoy the tips and then please do let me know what you will be incorprating and if you have anything else to share that works for you. 


Here is your downloadable 'Master Your Inbox' Cheat Sheet to help you make these 4 steps new habits! 

Happy emailing,

Jennifer Trask - First


Written by Jennifer Trask at 10:41

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Jennifer Trask

I'm glad you enjoyed them! :)


Awesome tips!

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