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A Love Letter To Failure

Dear Failure,

There are a few things you need to hear. At first glance, you're not going to like it. Then, you might change your mind. These thoughts have been swarming around in my head for a while and I think it's about time you heard what I have to say.  

No person or thing has brought me to tears as many times as you, particularly during the first few years into my journey as a business owner. You have come creeping up at my door at times when, not only were you not welcome, but when I was hoping and praying you wouldn't be there. 

You continued to show me what I did not know and pushed me in directions I wasn't sure I wanted to go. You brought me many nights of worry: Will I be able to pay my bills? Will I be able to do the job? 

It has been a tough road having you as my undesired, yet permanent, partner in crime. Like a nagging relative, I've wished that you’d leave a thousand times yet, you don't seem to take the hint.

Despite all of this – after all of this pain and suffering you have caused me – I am here, today, writing you a love letter. 

That doesn’t seem right, does it? 

Well, there are a few more things that I have recently realized and I wanted you to know.  

Without you, I wouldn't be who I am today. 

Without you, I wouldn't be as successful as I am today. 

And without you, my dreams would not have come true; they continue to come true because of you. 

I realize that it was you, Failure, who forced me to become more. It was you, who pushed me to never give up and to never be OK with the status quo, to keep learning more and to go to the next level. It was you, Failure, that made me focus and make the hard decisions. 

It was you, Failure, who forced me to take a good look at myself, my life and my direction. And, it was you, Failure, who motivated me to gain the clarity I needed... so I could prove you wrong!

You see, I was born to be an entrepreneur. I've always known I was born to do "big things". I didn't know what those “big things” were nor when, where or how they would show up, but I realize that, on this journey, you have been my greatest ally in achieving those big things. I've had supporters along the way – people who love me, people who encouraged me – but no one gave me more drive than you, Failure. 

Oh, how I have wanted to prove you wrong, tear you down, and show you to the door – once and for all! But, over the past 5 years, on this journey to where I've always wanted to be, I've come to realize that you are not the enemy, dear Failure; you are a gift.

You give me strength. The moment that I realized this, was the moment that I was able to really take advantage of your presence in my life. You see, I recognize the necessity of having you around to help me create the success that is my destiny.

You have given me the courage to stretch beyond my boundaries and go to some places that are really scary. By looming at my door, you pushed me to do what hasn't yet been done. So, thank you, Failure, for being a gift to me; for enabling me to be true to myself and follow my dreams. With you by my side, I can be creative and serve my clients in ways that I never thought possible. My dreams have evolved to reflect who I am truly am, in ways that I never imagined 5 years ago, and it is because you walked beside me and believed in me, every step of the way!

Thank you, Failure, you have been a great friend. I look forward to meeting you again. 





I recently heard a great piece of advice from Robin Sharma saying, “Out fail the people around you.”

When I heard this quote, I had already gone through my transition of learning to be grateful for failure. So, I smiled and thought, “how simple, yet so profound.” My father says that failure is a badge of honour to an entrepreneur. I think he’s on to something. :) 

So, if you have failed and got back up or if you are in the midst of a failure, go out to the nearest dollar store and get yourself a star badge. Wear it with pride (better yet, wear it, take a picture of you wearing it and post it on my Facebook Page so myself and the community, can congratulate you!!) and remember that it is taking you one-step closer to the true success you desire.

What has been your experience with failure? Do you feel the same or think I’m out to lunch? :) I’d love to get your feedback below.

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Written by Jennifer Trask at 13:24

User Comments

Virginia Reeves

Jennifer - I agree with your assessment about failure. I'd like to add my preferred version of the word mistake. It is a mis-take. So, you get a do-over. Same way with things that don't go right. Find another method. Try again.

Jennifer Trask

Absolutely. Those who can get comfortable with it and see it as a necessary part of life will move on quickly from it and use it to their advantage!

Tahany Yassin

My experience with failure has taught me so much. No one will ever succeed without failing first. And not just once or twice but a few times.

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