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Your Marketing Sucks: Here’s Why & How To Make It Better

OK, it’s time we get down to business. This is a pretty bold statement for a blog post however I was seriously inspired when I came up the idea for this one. 

So many self-help coaches out there are SO awesome at what they do. They have the ability to create massive change in the world with their gifts yet, why do so many of them not have enough clients or are under-serving with their own gifts?

Then, it came to me, “Ah-ha! I know why!”

Because their marketing sucks!! But, the more important question is, why does their marketing suck

Episode 8 - Your Marketing Sucks

That’s what I answer in this week’s episode of the Magic of Marketing. Then, you’ll find 3 specific take-aways you can do today to get moving and make your marketing, well… magical! :)  

Happy Marketing, 


P.S. Here is the link to the E-Book, The Top 8 Marketing Mistakes Self-Help Coaches Make & How To Fix Them! 

P.P.S. Your opinion matters. What do you think about this video? Did it resonate with you? Will you take action to make your marketing better? Comment Below! :) 


Written by Jennifer Trask at 12:35

User Comments

Jennifer Trask

Thanks Tina! You have definitely pushed past that and because of it.. thousands and thousands will benefit! I can't wait to see the fruits of your labour soon enough! :)

Tina O'Brien

AGREE with Lisa......there is so much allowing and freedom in the statement.."Its not about you" it !

Jennifer Trask


That is exactly what I love about it, too. Focusing on who I am going to help drives me to do more and stop making excuses (I've been there too!).

Thanks for your always wonderful comments - I think you are my top commenter so far! :)

Lisa L. Payne

My favorite part is, "It's not about you. Get over it." A year ago, I was so afraid to use video. I was always so concerned with how I looked - I hope everyone knows what I mean... I think we all have felt that way but it's somewhat embarassing to admit that you'd actually NOT take advantage of an amazing marketing tool just because you feel like you're not pretty enough, skinny enough, of your hair just isn't right. But that was me. Then I got it!!! It's not about me. It's about the message I have to share for the people who need to hear it right now!!! Now, I love putting together my weekly video newsletter, Wednesday's WooHoo!!! Strangely enough, I'm having so much fun that I always look great!!! Teehee ... Keep the great posts coming, Jenny!! xoxo

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