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Are Your Goals Ruining Your Success?

It’s your typical scene: 

Excited entrepreneur, pen in hand, ready to save the world with her talent. Her hand is writing so fiercely that it has becomes a blur. An hour later, she comes up for air. Ahhh… all the goals are out, on paper, ready to go. 

There is just one problem; where does she go now?

 The Magic Of Marketing Episode 6

Sound familiar?

So often, we have these huge goals and find ourselves slowly making progress only to feel disappointed that we are no where near the original goal we set out to accomplish in the first place. 

In this episode of The Magic of Marketing, you’ll discover how to create goals that propel you forward and make you feel as though you are actually getting somewhere. 

Happy Goal Getting! 


P.S. Have you had this experience? What did you do to ensure you continued in the right direction? Will you do something differently now?

Written by Jennifer Trask at 06:40

User Comments

Jennifer Trask


Thanks! I worked hard at that grass. ;)

You're right! I learned celebrating the little things from you. It definitely makes me more excited to accomplish little things which ultimately make up the 'big things'.

Lisa L. Payne

Another great vid, Jenn... and look at that grass!!! WooHoo! I think it's so important to work backwards, like you suggest, from the big dreams to identify monthly, weekly and daily actions that can keep you moving forward every day. That's worth celebrating, so I ensure that every day also includes a reward for all the hard work, commitment and dedication. Many people struggle with how they can reward themselves, and that was the point behind the creation of Wednesday's WooHoo, my weekly video newsletter. It's so fun to share simple ways to celebrate the progress we are making towards our dreams!! :)

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