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"Helping people live their passions is my passion. Everyone deserves a life they love."

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Are you ‘Shoulding’ all over yourself?

May 19 / 2015

Latest Post:

Are you ‘Shoulding’ all over yourself?

May 19 / 2015

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A Love Letter To Failure

May 8 / 2013

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"You are worthy because you are here. That's enough. Now let's get down to the business of fulfilling your destiny."
- Jennifer Trask



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Brent Beshara and I. Brent opened the show with his talk, From Bombs To Beliefs. It was heartbreaking, inspiring and unstoppable all rolled into one.
With my beautiful friend, Liz.
Besh speaking on stage. I was just so proud. :)
Skye Dyer singing to her dad, Wayne Dyer.

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"I'm on a mission to help 1,000,000
people live their passions by 2021.
I believe that self-help coaches
will play a large role in helping
others connect to who they
really are and live out their
passions. These entrepreneurs
need to reach those who
are ready to elevate their
life. That's what I am
here for."

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